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What is Scalar And Vector Quantity? Difference Between - Examples

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Any quantity that can be measured is a physical quantity. Physical quantities are classified as Vector quantity and Scalar quantity.

What is Scalar Quantity?

The physical quantities which require the only magnitude for their complete specification are called scalars or scalar quantity. They can be added up based on ordinary rules of algebra.

Easy Understanding: If you are standing at a point A. One of your friend tells you that there is a treasure pot 50 kilometers away from home. 

How long will you take to find it and in which direction will you go?

It could be east, west, south or north. It is hard to know where exactly it is. You are only provided the Distance which is one-dimensional information.
One dimensional information like 50 km is called a Scalar Quantity. Your Friend is just telling the distance not the direction.
What is Scalar And Vector Quantity? Difference Between - Examples

What is Vector Quantity?

A quantity which has both magnitude and direction such quantities are referred to as vectors.

Easy Understanding: When you ask your friend which direction from home. And you get the answer that it's 50 kilometers in the north direction. Now, you have precise information about the location. This now becomes two-dimensional information distance and direction. The treasure pot is over here.

What is Scalar And Vector Quantity? Difference Between - Examples

Two-dimensional information like this is called a vector quantity.

Scalar quantities are one dimensional and vector quantities are two dimensional.

There are different types of vectors.These can be classified as:
  • Collinear vectors
  • Unit vectors
  • Co-initial vectors
  • Negative vectors
  • Zero or null vectors
  • Position vectors

Scalar and Vector Examples

Speed is a very good example of what we call in physics a scalar quantity. It indicates only the magnitude but not specifying any direction. So that's what scalar quantities are only magnitude but no direction.
In the case of velocity, the direction is specified. That is why it is referred to as the vector quantity.
A vector involves not just the magnitude but also the direction. When you add directional information to speed it becomes a vector quantity called velocity. The additional information makes it more specific.

Difference Between Scalar and Vector Quantity

A scalar quantity has only magnitude.It has magnitude as well as direction.
Scalar quantities change by a change in their magnitude.These change either by a change of either magnitude or direction or both.
They are added and subtracted by laws of ordinary algebra.These are added and subtracted by the laws of vector algebra.

More Examples of Scalar and Vector

SpeedVelecity, Acceleration.
Energy etc.Torque  etc.

This is whole about the Basic of  What is Scalar And Vector Quantity? Difference Between - Examples.

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