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Formula For Kinetic Energy - Calculate

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Hello friends, We are discussing kinetic (K.E) energy. Scientists in the field of science divide energy into two parts one is called potential energy and the second one is kinetic energy. Talking about the K.E energy, scientists have given a specific formula for kinetic energy and its states that energy possessed by a moving body.

Formula of Kinetic Energy

One thing needs to be considered from the argument energy possessed by a moving body. It means that when a body moves, it has some energy and this energy which causes the motion is known as kinetic energy. It is also necessary to remember that work is an essential part to accelerate the body which is at rest.

  • When a certain amount of work is done on the body then the body accelerates and

  • If a similar amount of work is done on the body to decelerate then the running speed of the object reaches the value of zero that is a state of rest.

Basically, kinetic energy is transformed between the objects and it can be in any form which includes chemical energy, electromagnetic radiation, gravitational, nuclear, elastic, electric energy and rest energy. To sum up these all categories, we can categorize into the main class which we all know Kinetic energy.

Formula to Calculate Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy formula is basically concerned with the energy which causes is the movement in the object or I can say which becomes the reason for the movement in objects. Whereas, potential energy is concerned with the position.

Moving further for more explanation, let's consider the formula for kinetic energy. It is basically multiplication of mass and square of velocity divided by 2.

Formula For Kinetic Energy

Making the formula explanation more clear look at the following:-

  • If a boy A throws a ball to boy B. Looking more closely, boy A has utilized his muscular force to throw a ball to boy B. This muscular force is all because of energy that a person gain from the food and this has transferred to the ball which leads to movement in the ball. Thus, the ball reaches from boy A to a boy B. The transferred energy which leads to motion is K.E energy.
  • Have you ever noticed that the Earth revolves around the sun and it is all because of K.E energy? A gravitational force is acting behind it and this causes rotation. So, what we say that Earth is moving it means that it has some value of K.E.

  • Look, carefully that mass is directly proportional to K.E energy and it is also directly proportional to the square of velocity.
  • A leather ball is thrown by a player is difficult to catch and it's all because of its mass and fast velocity. Multiplying both will sum up with a higher value of energy. So, this shows the amount of K.E varies from the change in velocity. The mass is specific for each type of ball.


  • By what value the kinetic energy of an object elevate (increase) if speed is twice?

Answer- It turns to four times, because if the speed is twice, then kinetic energy is directly proportional to the square of speed.
Formula to Kinetic Energy

  • The moving object (car) speed is halved, Is there will change in K.E?
Answer- Yes, become one-fourth. if the speed is 1/2, K.E is directly proportional to the square of speed.

  • What characteristics have an impact on the kinetic energy of a body?
Answer- Mass, and the square of the velocity of an object.

  • Which would have a more influence on the K.E of an object:  Making mass twice or twice velocity?
Answer- Doubling the Velocity. This directly explains a fired bullet causes more injury than hitting with a baseball bat.

  • With how much speed a man runs on a track if he has 50 kg weight and kinetic energy is 625 J?

Formula to Calculate Kinetic Energy

  • Calculate the kinetic energy of mass 1kg rotating with a speed of 2m/s? -Answer- 2 J.

  • This is all about Formula For Kinetic Energy and way to Calculate

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